SPINMASTER reinforcement covering system

SPINMASTER reinforcement covering system is reinforcement carpets – fast and effective way how to cover large and small areas/squares with a minimum effort made and number of workers involved.

Tied and fixed carpet may be produced according to diameter, length and weight ordered by the client.

Intended for reinforcement with diameter 10mm - 25mm

Width of roll 2.7m – 12m
Various lengths of bars in roll
Various diameters of bars in roll
Maximum weight of carpet ~1.2 tons

This system of Spinmaster, unlike the others, is produced without welding by using only reinforcement binding . Double tying method is used in order to keep the size of reinforcement carpet precisely.

The installation of the carpet in the object is more speedy process comparing with the usual spreading method. Approximately two tons roll can be installed in a few minutes and it is not necessary to involve high qualified workers.

Spinmaster system allows you to save up because:
- There is no cut-off
- It is a product manufactured industrially
- You can save up the costs of labour force

At the starting point a placement of the carpet by using "flap during" system allows you to follow precise sizes.

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